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This spot is for easy access to some of our older story's. ~ Enjoy

Is it Constitutional for a Zombie to serve Jury Duty.

Jail House Cop Milkers


Down With NASA

To Tattoo A Rapist

So You Want To Be A Vampire.

Ron Paul Followers. Devoted? Or Fanatics.

The scary truth about the god gene

Real Life Minority Report Technology

AGENDA 21 . . .WTF??? Really???

Anders Brivik Who the Fuck is that?

The Cop-Blocking Soldier of the people.

Two Things Cops Hate. Lemonade and Children.

Kiddy Kennels

Government stealing kids over sandwich's

Want to Get High?

Three Scary Words Black Bloc Provocateurs

The Power of CCTV


Black Friday Death and Destruction.

Transgender bender

To protect and to serve. Really?

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