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People Regulated like drugs by the FDA?

Posted on February 4, 2012 at 6:50 PM

                                                     People Regulated like drugs by the FDA?

                                                                    Hate Drugs?


Well, we hope not, cause according to the FDA hating drugs would mean your hating your self and every other person on the planet.


                                                       I am afraid not.

                                                      Even you kid.

An all new treatment for moderate to severe joint, tendon, ligament, and bone pain called Regenexx-C. has been being tested for the last four years at Centeno-Schultz Clinic in Colorado.

                             (Amazingly the only Picture I could find of the place.)

What they do is take some of your own stem cells and inject it directly into the afflicted area.


                                        A surgery free way of fixing that joint pain!


Best part is no other harmful drugs are used in this process only stem cells that grow naturally in your body.

Can you guess who is having a very big problem with this? 

                                                                            But Why?

If something occurs naturally then it is not a drug.


Yet, the FDA is trying to label stem cells as a drug, meaning our own body is producing drugs.

    This is all of course so they can regulate it and tax the shit out of it. Yet, why would they do that to such a healthy and helpful procedure? 

With a cure like this there would be no more need for ultra expensive surgery and years of medication.

Oh and of course controlling the sell of it over state and country boarders, lets just call it boarder control.

Now, see the thing is between all the regulations and taxes, the FDA has made it very hard for anyone trying to do research and produce the treatment. Which in turn is causing these jobs to go over seas to where regulations on safety of medication is made by real doctors and actually make sense.


It seems that the FDA has long been watching the pockets of the corporations instead of the health of the American people. Some things FDA approved, such as GMO's and some vaccines, are even looked at as bio-weaponry.


This was proven just this last week when the people of Haiti burned crops of GMO food saying they would rather starve then have what is left of there environment contaminated with this bio-hazard in which we Americans consume daily.

                        GMOs (Genetically Modified Foods) that also modify your very DNA



A metallic substance that slowly poisons the brain and body when digested or injected in trace amounts over a period of time.

Can be found in most foods, drinks, and vaccines.

Main carrier corn syrup.

All Vaccines.

                                 (Not meant to be inside the human body. . . . .AT ALL! )

Fluoride, is deadly toxic on a poison scale it is a step below arsenic. 


Putting Fluoride into the water was a plan that came about by Hitler. His thoughts where to use it to slowly poison the minds of the population causing a mass dumbing down of society and therefore making the people more fragile, brittle and easy to control.

So why is our FDA approving a plan devised by Hitler for the American people?

All of these things POISON


All of them APPROVED by the FDA

Yet, hemp oil and apricot seeds cures cancer and also banned in the USA. 

After realizing all of this one must ask,


What is really going on?

Written By : Misty Watson 

Edited By: Shawn Watson

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