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Viewer Submission: Jack and RICO on Monsanto Slaves

Posted on March 5, 2012 at 12:05 AM

                                               Viewer Submission: RICO on Monsanto

This is out very first submission from one of our viewers. Take a read let us know what you think.

This was my great grandmother's first cousin. His name was James T. Licavoli, or Jack.




I never knew him. Although my grams had drifted away from the family over the years, I think it's manly because Jack died, in prison, before I was a year old. You see, Jack wasn't a hero. Jack was a gangster.





Actually Jack was a really good gangster. He was in charge of other gangsters that did his gangster bidding's. He was boss of the Cleveland Mafia. You may have seen him portrayed, quite poorly and inaccurately, by



Jack only spent the last couple years of his life in prison after being convicted with the RICO Act.



The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. This allowed the Fed to convict mafia bosses for the acts of their underlings. It no longer mattered if they couldn't catch the boss breaking the law. If they caught anyone in the "club" breaking a said set of rules classified as "Organized Crime" they could charge the whole group with it.



                                                 So Jack went down for racketeering.


                         History lesson aside, Lets get down to something a bit more current.




Well "Slave-Like" is the quote from the Associated Press. They later went on to explain that the workers where illegally imported. AP also stated that they were not allowed to leave the fields, their wages were withheld, and they were forced to their buy food from the company store for inflated prices.





           Now I may be mistaken but, a slave labor racket should logically count as racketeering.



                                                                           So in conclusion.


Written By: Daniel Anderson

Edited By: Misty and Shawn Watson

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