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Freedom of speech now Illegal?

Posted on March 5, 2012 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (0)

                                                    Freedom of speech now Illegal?



                                                                       Well,  Not exactly.



                                                             At least not every where. 



             No worry's it will only be illegal Only in the places it would actually make a difference.



                                   Like Court houses, Capital Buildings and the White house.


Or in any area where there is a person being guarded by secret serves. You know those who are suppose to protect our rights and be the problem solvers of America.


Meet bill H.R. 347 Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011

Another bill that has a unrepresentative name.


                              It should really be called "The Shut up those damn Protesters Act"


Now this Bill Does not make it Illegal to Protest, it just makes it Illegal to protest on any Government or restricted Property's.


                                Especially if any one being protected by secret service is on location.


                       So it is pretty close to out lawing Free Speech and Protesting all together.


                                    Any offender of said Bill can get up to 10 years in federal prison.




                                                                 That's right folks we said FEDERAL



It is now a FEDERAL crime to have your voice heard by some one who could possibly do something about your complaint.



Contact your Representative

Written By: Misty Watson


                                                      To those who wish to take our rights. . . . .


                                                                                       Sit and spin.               

Viewer Submission: Jack and RICO on Monsanto Slaves

Posted on March 5, 2012 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

                                               Viewer Submission: RICO on Monsanto

This is out very first submission from one of our viewers. Take a read let us know what you think.

This was my great grandmother's first cousin. His name was James T. Licavoli, or Jack.




I never knew him. Although my grams had drifted away from the family over the years, I think it's manly because Jack died, in prison, before I was a year old. You see, Jack wasn't a hero. Jack was a gangster.





Actually Jack was a really good gangster. He was in charge of other gangsters that did his gangster bidding's. He was boss of the Cleveland Mafia. You may have seen him portrayed, quite poorly and inaccurately, by



Jack only spent the last couple years of his life in prison after being convicted with the RICO Act.



The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. This allowed the Fed to convict mafia bosses for the acts of their underlings. It no longer mattered if they couldn't catch the boss breaking the law. If they caught anyone in the "club" breaking a said set of rules classified as "Organized Crime" they could charge the whole group with it.



                                                 So Jack went down for racketeering.


                         History lesson aside, Lets get down to something a bit more current.




Well "Slave-Like" is the quote from the Associated Press. They later went on to explain that the workers where illegally imported. AP also stated that they were not allowed to leave the fields, their wages were withheld, and they were forced to their buy food from the company store for inflated prices.





           Now I may be mistaken but, a slave labor racket should logically count as racketeering.



                                                                           So in conclusion.


Written By: Daniel Anderson

Edited By: Misty and Shawn Watson

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Heart Attack Guns Real? Or Just Something in a James Bond Movie?

Posted on March 4, 2012 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (0)

                               Heart Attack Guns Real? Or Just Something in a James Bond Movie?


                              A lot of people would never believe such a gun could really exists.


                                      Yet it does exist and has been in use for a very long time now



                                                                (Nope this is all 100% real.)

                                       As far as we know this gun came about around 1975.



                                                         Why have you never heard of this?


                                                           It has been kept top secret for years.




                                             A heart attack gun used specifically by the C.I.A.



Now don't take our word for it view this short clip from a congregational meeting on the weaponry that took place in 1975.


You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.


                    This video talks about an undetectable poison that can cause a heart attack.


Upon investigation by Real Raw News, we were unable to find out what poison is being used yet there are a number of way's to do it.


What we do know is the CIA takes there poison of choice and manufactures it into a small dart.


                              This dart is shot at speeds so fact that it disintegrates on contact.



                               There is no trace what so ever except one small red dot on the skin.



                              Those shot by this dart feel as if they where bitten by a mosquito.



Watch full 45 minute video here:


Written By: Misty Watson

Edited By: Shawn Watson


Camping, Protesting and Homelessness now Illegal in Tennessee

Posted on February 26, 2012 at 10:35 PM Comments comments (0)

                        Camping, Protesting and Homelessness now Illegal in Tennessee


                                                                                  Ever been homeless?



                                                        Well, what would you do if you ever where?


         Well, as bad as that may look with over crowded shelters for some people such as the mentally disabled, war veterans, and the elderly are finding them self occupying spots on public property funded by the tax payers.  With very little other choice.


                                          These Homeless are becoming very versatile with the falling economy.


                                                                                           Even full families are in this boat.

Well, now the state of Tennessee has an alternative to the problem. If you are homeless and occupying public property you will get a lovely 11 months and 29 days in the slammer.

                                                                     With a fine of 2,500 dollars. . . . .






These guys cant afford a cup of coffee and they want them to pay 2,500 bucks because their economy is in the crapper and they lost there jobs?


On top of that, this will also effect outdoors men. No more popping up a tent and camping out over night for that fishing trip with little Johnny.


Bill HB2638/ SB2508  

Was aimed to stop the Nashville Occupy Movement.  Oh, didn't know that was still going on? Well, even though the news is barely covering it, this movement has been going strong for months with the backing of others throughout the state. A lot of those within the movement do fall into the groups of homeless people we mentioned above. All of them are fighting corporatism and laws such as HB2638/ SB2508.

Bill HB2638/ SB2508. Reads as Followed : Criminal Offenses - As introduced, prevents people from living on publicly-owned property not designated for residential use and prohibits people using publicly-owned property from posing a health hazard or threat to the safety and welfare of others. - Amends TCA Title 4; Title 12; Title 29; Title 39 and Title 40.

Which mean NA NA NA NA NA NA to the Occupiers and the big middle finger to every one else.


We can not blame the Occupiers any more then we could blame Rosa Parks for not moving that day on the bus. They are in there constitutional rights to occupy and protest. The state however has caused a huge breach in our constitutional rights. With but one law they have made it Illegal to camp, lose your home or stand up for your rights.


                                Here is an announcement video I found on youtube.


You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

 In response to this video how is one able to protest 24 hours a day if there not allowed to stay over night to do so?

As well Occupiers won't be the majority that is effected by this bill it will be the truely homeless.

Written By: Misty Watson

Edited By: Shawn Watson


Good News Grief of a Love One Along With Enjoying Too Much Entertainment May Now Be Mental Illnesses! ! ! ! !

Posted on February 25, 2012 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (0)


                   Are you Happy? Well then consider yourself as having Angelman syndrome.


                                        Sad? Then you just may be Manically Depressed.

                             Do you Switch up emotions? Congrats, your Bi-Polar!


                      What do we do for these kinds of emotions. . . . .Um I mean Illnesses.



                                                               And. . . .


Ha! ha! Well thank you to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders who has been documenting mental Illness for years pharmicuticals will be abile to make even more Pills for even more probliems! YAY! 

Greaving for a loved one? No worries in 2013 you will be labeled as Mentally Ill and there will be no doubt that pills will soon be made to make you for get all about why you are hurting so bad.


I mean come on what else are you going to do? Learn to deal with your problems on your own? Take a lesson from life and build up strength as a Person? Naaa That's just Stupid. . . . .


Love the Internet? Well guess what that is about to be labeled a Mental Illness too! That's right in the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders you too may be able to get an all expense paid visit to the loony bin. Where you can meet your Facebook friends LIVE!!!!! GOOD FOR YOU!



            Don't Agree with the Majority? Well in the new Med Bible you will be Oppositional Defiant Disorder. What a way to stick it to those Occupiers?


Best part is we are not shitting you, that's right. This is all 100% completely true.

11,000 health professionals have already signed a petition calling for the development of the fifth edition of the manual to be halted and re-thought.


Don't take our word on it look at the petition yourself

If we don't shut these Doctors up and keep our mouth shut how will we be able to get our pills? 


I mean who knows what the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders  could come up with in 2013. 



                                                       The Possibilities are endless.

Written By: Misty Watson

Edited By: Shawn Watson


Top 5 and a haft Valentine's Day Arrest's for 2012

Posted on February 15, 2012 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (0)

                            Top 5 and a Half Valentine's Day Arrests for 2012

             What's the last thing you want to see on Valentine's Day? Cops of course!



            We hope that all of our readers had a great Valentine's day or as we like to call it.  


For those of you that just had a suck ass Hallmark Holiday, here is something just for you. Our top 6 Valentine's arrest of the year and the only ones we could find.



                                  Hopefully their V-day was a lot worse then yours.


      (Hey is that Buffy the Vampire Slayer's little sister with the guy from Big Bang Theory?)

                                                    ON TO OUR LIST!

This Valentine's Day, while most where snuggling up and getting close, or cursing under their breath at all the happy couples on facebook, there where those that where fighting for the basic human rights to love and be loved in return. 


Two different groups on opposite sides of the world fighting for the same thing, the right to love.

Malaysia is one place no one wants to be on Valentines day.  With law's saying they are unable to touch if they are unmarried.


Well this year was a little different as couples expressed themselves in the streets of Malaysia openly hugging and kissing one another.  


About 80 people where arrested for "close proximity," which for unmarried Muslims is a crime, punishable with two years in jail and/or a 3,000 ringgit ($984) fine.


                                       (Is that Casy Anthony hiding under there?)

Meanwhile, across the sea in the land of Texas there was another age old battle taking place.


                                           The battle of same sex Marriage.  

In Austin, Texas. there is a law called Proposition 2, which is a voter-added amendment in the Texas Constitution that limits marriage to people of the opposite sex.


                                                That means none of this. 


 (If you don't like that your just Quire and we don't mean gay we mean stupid. Cause that's just hott! Why would we want to discourage such greatness. As a matter of fact more women should be encouraged to reach out and fondle each other. )

This bill was added to the Texas Constitution in 2005 and is voted on every year.

                                            (Is she trying to eat Meryl Streep's face?) 

Homosexual couples and supporters gathered outside of the courthouse, in Austin, demanding a Marriage license.


                  Needless to say, when they refused to leave they where arrested.

                                           That's Texas for you.


                Our number four could have easily made our bad moms of the year list.


                                      Meet 31 year old Emily C. Rosenberger 



She is guilty of snorting cocaine off of a hooker's ass in her eight-year old's elementary school bathroom.



                                         Where just joking, she was the hooker!


                                                       (Which is sad.)


Okay, but really, after a teacher heard snorting sounds coming from the bathroom and noticed her coming out of the bathroom at the school's Valentine's Day party this Ohio mom did end up detained for drug possession charges after police found Hydrocodone, Oxycontin, and cocaine.


Guess no one ever taught her to do her drugs at home or at least bring enough to share with the rest of the class. 


                                                             (Dip Shit Moms)


                                  So what is it that couples do on Valentine's Day?

Okay, so maybe not for everyone but it's pretty close to our next couple. A Portland couple was arrested and accused of disorderly conduct after a little Bondage fun.

31 year old Nikolas Alexander Harbar 26-year-old Stephanie Morgan Pelzner were just looking for a night of a little kinky fun. What they got was a V-day in the slammer, when neighbors reported a woman naked and bound in the backseat of a car to police. 

                                                     (That will teach you. . . . . No it wont.)


35 year old mentally handicapped man Paul Dominguez, accused of stabbing his friend, 61-year-old Elma Sartuche.

He was acting as her caregiver when he stepped out to get some breakfest. 



He claimed that when he got back that he found her dead ran out and told a neighbor.


                                              The neighbor called the police.



                             His mother says there is no way he could have done it.


                                                         Yet, he is sitting in jail



                                                       Gotta blame someone.


                   A Colerain Township man spent a lovly night locked in his own bedroom. 



                That's how every man wants to spend his Valentine's Day right? 


                                            Well not exactly.



Not when your girlfriend is stabbing the shit out of it from the other side.



22 year old Kierra Reed was not going to take her boyfriend's suck ass Valentine attempts laying down.Since there was no attempt at all.



She reportedly started hitting him until he locked himself in the bedroom, when she found out he had forgotten to buy her a gift.



                                             So she went for the knife.



                             In her defense she claimed he was abusive too.



Writen By: Misty Watson

Edited By: Shawn Watson 



Tennessee to take the lead in the fight against the NDAA, Will other states follow?

Posted on February 5, 2012 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (0)

          Tennessee to take the lead in the fight against the NDAA, Will other states follow?

Being a home grown Tennessee girl, I am proud to say that Tennessee is taking the reins on the fight against the NDAA.



Due to a law that is being considered, HB1629 and SB2669. The legislation would effectively nullify the detention provisions in the NDAA and would also require federal agents making an arrest in the Volunteer State, for any reason, to first obtain written permission from the County Sheriff.


This bill declares that any federal law purporting to require local or state law enforcement agencies to act at the direction of the federal government, or the United States military, is beyond the authority granted to the federal government pursuant to the United States Constitution, is not recognized by this state, is specifically rejected by this state and is declared to be invalid in this state.

In other words the FED's can't force state employees to do shit. 


This bill further declares that any federal law purporting to give federal agents or employees, including any members of the United States military, the authority of any state or local law enforcement agency of this state, without the express permission of this state, is beyond the authority granted to the federal government pursuant to the United States Constitution, is not recognized by this state, is specifically rejected by this state, and is declared to be invalid in this state. 

In other words no arrests can be made with out approvals of the state.


This bill also includes provisions for kidnapping, if a federal agent were to detain a U.S. citizen in Tennessee under the NDAA.


Who is behind this Anti FED Bill in TN? Rep. Bill Dunn (R-Knoxville) and Rep. Cameron Sexton (R-Crossville) sponsor the House version of the bill. Sen. Stacey Campfield (R-Knoxville) sponsors the Senate bill.



                    Who else is joining the fight?  Well how about Washington state.


                                                       Or Virginia


                                     Even El Paso and Fremont Counties in Colorado   

“If what supporters say is true and the NDAA does not authorize indefinite detention of Americans, what is the harm in this legislation? Why would anybody oppose it? It does nothing but serve notice that state and local officials will not sit back and allow the federal government to exercise unconstitutional powers – powers supporters claim don’t exist anyway. It simply affirms a fence that supposedly already exists. The only rational I can find for opposing this bill is if they really do want the option of detaining Americans without due process to remain open,”   ~ Mike Maharrey of Tenth Amendment Center

The Tenth Amendment Center also reports rumors of other states joining in on this fight such as Rhode Island, Utah, Maine, New Jersey and Oklahoma, who will be introducing similar legislation soon.



The states with in the United States have the right to stand up for the people against Federal Government when laws that go against our Constitution are passed. We can only hope that the other states will come to this realization, stand up and take part in this fight for our rights.

Yet, one must ask, could this be the first steps toword a civil war?

Written By: Misty Watson

Edited By: Shawn Watson

Main Source:

People Regulated like drugs by the FDA?

Posted on February 4, 2012 at 6:50 PM Comments comments (0)

                                                     People Regulated like drugs by the FDA?

                                                                    Hate Drugs?


Well, we hope not, cause according to the FDA hating drugs would mean your hating your self and every other person on the planet.


                                                       I am afraid not.

                                                      Even you kid.

An all new treatment for moderate to severe joint, tendon, ligament, and bone pain called Regenexx-C. has been being tested for the last four years at Centeno-Schultz Clinic in Colorado.

                             (Amazingly the only Picture I could find of the place.)

What they do is take some of your own stem cells and inject it directly into the afflicted area.


                                        A surgery free way of fixing that joint pain!


Best part is no other harmful drugs are used in this process only stem cells that grow naturally in your body.

Can you guess who is having a very big problem with this? 

                                                                            But Why?

If something occurs naturally then it is not a drug.


Yet, the FDA is trying to label stem cells as a drug, meaning our own body is producing drugs.

    This is all of course so they can regulate it and tax the shit out of it. Yet, why would they do that to such a healthy and helpful procedure? 

With a cure like this there would be no more need for ultra expensive surgery and years of medication.

Oh and of course controlling the sell of it over state and country boarders, lets just call it boarder control.

Now, see the thing is between all the regulations and taxes, the FDA has made it very hard for anyone trying to do research and produce the treatment. Which in turn is causing these jobs to go over seas to where regulations on safety of medication is made by real doctors and actually make sense.


It seems that the FDA has long been watching the pockets of the corporations instead of the health of the American people. Some things FDA approved, such as GMO's and some vaccines, are even looked at as bio-weaponry.


This was proven just this last week when the people of Haiti burned crops of GMO food saying they would rather starve then have what is left of there environment contaminated with this bio-hazard in which we Americans consume daily.

                        GMOs (Genetically Modified Foods) that also modify your very DNA



A metallic substance that slowly poisons the brain and body when digested or injected in trace amounts over a period of time.

Can be found in most foods, drinks, and vaccines.

Main carrier corn syrup.

All Vaccines.

                                 (Not meant to be inside the human body. . . . .AT ALL! )

Fluoride, is deadly toxic on a poison scale it is a step below arsenic. 


Putting Fluoride into the water was a plan that came about by Hitler. His thoughts where to use it to slowly poison the minds of the population causing a mass dumbing down of society and therefore making the people more fragile, brittle and easy to control.

So why is our FDA approving a plan devised by Hitler for the American people?

All of these things POISON


All of them APPROVED by the FDA

Yet, hemp oil and apricot seeds cures cancer and also banned in the USA. 

After realizing all of this one must ask,


What is really going on?

Written By : Misty Watson 

Edited By: Shawn Watson

OBAMA Refuses Subpina to Appear in Georgia Court

Posted on January 29, 2012 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (0)

                                OBAMA Refuses Supina to Appear in Georgia Court

So what is it that would happen to you or me if we were to refuse to follow the request of a subpina to court?

Don't we all wish. Yet, it seems to play out more like this.


Not even stars are above the law.


Yet, it seems the seat of the President has slowly become one of a dictator who is above the law and no longer must answer to the people.


The state of Georgia sent Mr. Obama a subpina to appear in court in order to prove his eligibility to appear on Georgia ballets.  Or in other words. . . . . 


Of course, Obama was nowhere to be found at this hearing. Instead, Obama was on a campaign swing, appearing in Las Vegas and in Colorado.


Obama's lawyer, Michael Jablonski, tried his damnedest to put a stop to this trial. With such excuses as . . . . .


1. Georgia under the law could not determine eligibility of those on the voters ballot.

2. Well Obama is simply too busy preforming the duty's as President to appear.

3. (Our personable favorite.) Proving his eligibility was simply irrelevant to Obama.


After all these arguments were dispatched by the Georgia Court, Jablonski, in desperation, wrote to the Georgia Secretary of State attempting to place Obama above the law and declared that the case was not to be heard and neither he nor his client would participate.


That's right, not even Obama's lawyer cared to show up in court.

Yet, the trial went along as scheduled without a defense and the outcome of this case may or may not surprise you.


Now, remember to be a natural born citizen one must have 2 parents who, at the time of the birth in question, be citizens of the United States. As Obama’s father was not a citizen, the argument is that Obama, constitutionally, is ineligible to serve as President.

Now, let's take a look at the evidence presented with in this case.



Obama’s father’s place of birth, Kenya, East Africa was entered into evidence. Along with pages 214 and 215 from Obama’s book, “Dreams from My Father”. This is where Obama indicates that, in 1966 or 1967 his father’s passport had been revoked and he was unable to leave Kenya.


Immigration Services documents were also entered into evidence regarding Obama Sr.


June 27th, 1962, is the date on those documents. Obama’s father’s status read as a non citizen of the United States. These documents were gotten through the Freedom of Information Act.

Obama was born in 1961.

A Disc received from Immigration and Naturalization Service was entered into evidence. This disc contains information regarding the status of Obama’s father received through the Freedom of Information Act.


This information states clearly that Obama’s father was NEVER a U.S. Citizen.


But wait, there is so much more to this case then that.



Next up, a DNC and RNC official certificates of nomination for Obama was entered into evidence.


It was then pointed out that the DNC language does NOT include language stating Obama is Qualified, while the RNC document DOES. This shows a direct difference in the two. The prosecution tried to establish that the DNC MAY possibly have known that Obama was not qualified.

Could it be possible the Democratic Commission knew Obama was not eligible for the Presidency?


Entered into evidence, a portion of a letter showing a renewal form from Obama’s mother for her passport, listing Obama’s last name something other than Obama.


Records for Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, showing he resides in Hawaii and in Indonesia at the same time are then shown.


Evidence showing Obama’s book of records listed his nationality as Indoneasan. Was deemed not relevant by the judge.

Reasons as to why are unclear.



A state licensed PI took the stand.


She was hired to look into Obama’s background and found a Social Security number for him from 1977. Professional opinion given that this number was fraudulent. The number used or attached to Obama in 1977, shows that the true owner of the number was born in the 1890. 

Another Document was also entered into evidence regarding the SS number assigned to Obama. The SS number could not be verified under E Verify. It came back as suspected fraudulent. This is the system by which the Government verifies ones citizenship.

Mr. Sampson, a former police officer and former immigration officer specializing in immigration fraud, ran Obama’s SS number through a database and found that the number was issued to Obama in 1977, in the state of Connecticut . Obama never resided in that state. At the time of issue, Obama was living in Hawaii.

They also found that the same SS number came up with addresses in IL, D.C. and MA.


Now, I have read in some blogs people say that the SSI number of a dead person is reused. Well, this is just not true. A simple google search can show that. A SSI number is used to identify people both alive and dead like a file number. As well using a dead person's SSI number is how one get's a fake SSI card either, one, to be here illegally, two, witness protection or three, to commit scams.


An expert witness in information technology and photoshop testified that the birth certificate Obama provided to the public was layered, not just layered but multiple layered. This, he testifies, indicates that different parts of the certificate have been lifted from more than one original document.

The expert testifies that the birth certificate, posted online by Obama, is suspicious. He states white lines around all the type face is caused by “unsharp mask” in Photoshop and that any document showing this, is considered to be a fraud because it is a product of layering. A straight scan of an original document would not show such layering.


The witness also testified that the date stamps shown on Obama's documents should not be in the exact same place on various documents, as they are hand stamped.

Obama’s documents are all even, straight and exactly the same indicating they were NOT hand stamped but, layered into the document by computer.



Serial number on birth certificate where found to be out of sequence with others issued at that hospital. Also, certification is different than others and different than twins born 24 hours ahead of Obama on that night.


Mr. Sampson also states that portions of documents regarding Mr. Soetoro, who adopted Obama have been redacted, which is highly unusual with regards to immigration records. Then, suggested that all records from Social Security, Immigration, Hawaii birth records be made available to see. To see if there are criminal charges to be filed or not. Without them, nothing can be ruled out.


Mr. Sampson indicated if Obama is shown not to be a citizen, he should be arrested and deported and until all records are released nobody can know for sure if he is or is not a U.S. Citizen.


Judge notes that as Obama, nor his attorney is present, action will be taken accordingly and closes the hearing. What will the judge decide? That is yet to be known.  Without his attorney present, Obama’s identity, his Social Security number, his citizenship status, and his past are all OFFICIALLY in question. 


 So, here you go folks. This is what happened at the hearing while Barack was busy sniffing cocaine off a stripper's ass in Las Vegas or whatever it is President's do in Vegas.  


What makes him think that he does note have to appear in court? Isn't Obama a servant of the people? A servant of the States? A servant of the nation? Well, apparently he does not think so. Even Clinton had to go to court. Yes, he may have strutted up in there like P' diddy for getting his junk fiddled with in the Oval Office. Yet, he still showed up. Obama said screw it, I'm above your laws. How can we, as Americans, stand for this especially after the trial reviled so much damaging evidence? We we really Let Obama say. . . . . .



By: Misty Watson

Edited By: Shawn Watson 


Which Treasonous Bill to Write About?

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                                        Which Treasonous Bill to Write About?

I have been racking my brain all week to bring you guys this week's story. 

Yet, every time I have decided to write about one bill that will inevitably take away our rights another one pops up.

NDAA, SOPA , PIPA, EEA, CFSA, and it goes on and on, and every time one is shot down another pops up. 


Now, I am sure you have all heard of the Bill S.O.P.A. Which caused the biggest online protest in history, with big named sites such as Google and Bing leading the way.

                            For those of you that where hiding under a rock that day.

Well, now that S.O.P.A. and it's sister Bill PIPA has been exposed, has lost up to 10 of it's backers and pretty much any chance of making it through the house, there is another copyright law that has been sitting pretty for a while S.978 - Commercial Felony Streaming Act.


S.O.P.A. , P.I.P.A. , and C.F.S.A.  All three are the same bill with slightly different provisions and different names.


What is the difference between these babys you ask.

P.I.P.A.  S.968 - PROTECT IP Act of 2011

Sponsor by Senator Patrick Leahy D-VT

Establishes a system for taking down websites that the Justice Department determines to be "dedicated to infringing activities." The DoJ or the copyright owner would be able to commence a legal action against the alleged infringer and the DoJ would be allowed to demand that search engines, social networking sites and domain name services block access to the targeted site. In some cases, action could be taken to block sites without first allowing the alleged infringer to defend themselves in court. 



C.F.S.A.    S.978 - Commercial Felony Streaming Act

Sponsor Senator Amy Klobuchar D-MN

Makes unauthorized web streaming of copyrighted content a felony with a possible penalty of up to 5 years in prison. Illegal streaming of copyrighted content is defined in the bill as an offense that "consists of 10 or more public performances by electronic means, during any 180-day period, of 1 or more copyrighted works" and has a total economic value, either to the copyright holder or the infringer, of at least $2,500.


Wait, haven't we been hearing the exact same things about S.O.P.A.? Taking down websites, jailing people and completely destroying the internet as we know it by drastically killing free speech online through copyright piracy laws? Isn't that what S.O.P.A. is all about?


Yes, it is what S.O.P.A. is about as a matter of fact S.O.P.A. is really nothing more then the perfected versions of the other two bills, all combined and polished off. Then, they sent all three bills through the house hoping to hit a bulls eye with at least one of them.

S.O.P.A.   H.R.3261 - Stop Online Piracy Act

Sponsor Representative Lamar Smith R-TX

This bill would establish a system for taking down websites that the Justice Department determines to be dedicated to copyright infringment. The DoJ or the copyright owner would be able to commence a legal action against any site they deem to have "only limited purpose or use other than infringement," and the DoJ would be allowed to demand that search engines, social networking sites and domain name services block access to the targeted site. It would also make unauthorized web streaming of copyrighted content a felony with a possible penalty up to five years in prison. This bill combines two separate Senate bills -- S.968 and S.978 -- into one big House bill.

Sound mildly familiar?

I do not  know about you but if I were a  U.S. Representative, having to read the same bill three times it would, it would piss me off.


                                         (Warning: Copyright infringement in process)

Names such as :

Motion Picture Association of America

Independent Film & Television Alliance

National Association of Theatre Owners

Can be found gracing the pages of the supporter lists for these bills.

Piracy bills are nothing new. These same associations have been trying to pass them for the last 15 some odd years.

But, is it merely a catalyst for something more?


                                              (Yep, going to get sued for this one.)

Could these laws be used as they are in communist China to silence the people?


                                                                 (They Can!)

Does  the mere presence of these bills provide just the distraction needed by our government to pass tyrrany filled laws?  While we all fight to keep our Internet from being ripped from our dead cold hands?


                                                          (That it does.)

Meet Bill  H.R.3166 - Enemy Expatriation Act

This Bill, introduced to the house by Sponsor Representative Charles Dent R-PA, would allow the government to strip a U.S. Citizen, that they have deemed a threat, of there citizenship.

Which goes hand in hand with the NDAA and Patriot act. Just Strip em Detain em and Kill em. Thank You U.S. government!


Who hates us for our freedom again? Cause I can see who keeps trying to take it and it is not Al-Quida How can we keep allowing such bills as these to be passed? As a matter of fact, when will we say enough is enough? We have far to many laws and regulations. You can't breathe air, drink water or cross a street with out breaking at least one law or two. At some point we must say enough. We must stop our government from expanding and over shadowing the people in a violent police state that is only getting worse. We must take our rights back and not allow them to be taken by those that can afford to do it.


Stand up America and inform your self.


Then write your Representative and Speak Out be Heard make a difference.



Written By: Misty Watson

Edited By: Shawn Watson


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