Real Raw News

Real! Raw! Politically Incorrect! Real,Raw,News!

What we do


  •   We take real news Articles and put our own twists on them. (Warning: has been known to be sick,demented and to make the eyes bleed. Viewer discretion is advised.)
  •  We research news articles from all over the one's that catch our eye we take and combine them with photo art. Some of witch are funny, Twisted, VERY ADULT, Beautiful.
  • All Pictures are meant to help really make the news remediable and to help us express our point. 
  • Real Raw News is meant to entertain you while informing you. 
  • Real Raw News is full of ADULT HUMOR 
  • Tell your Friends and Foe's 


Disclaimer: All the story's are done in Satire. We also provide link's to the New's source's for each story. So if you would like to see the story's behind our story please feel free to visit these site's.